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We set up Turn Key PCR testing laboratories in physician offices ensuring accurate diagnosis and effective treatment planning. Our well trained team are highly experienced and dedicated to ensuring professional services to suit your practice.

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Best Diagnostics Step-by-Step Process

  • Assessing Requirements: Best Diagnostics provides various diagnostic tests and setup options for the physician’s practice or laboratory center.
  • Choosing the Best Diagnostic Solutions: The laboratory center or physician’s office decides on the options that are best suited for the practice.
  • Installation of Diagnostic Equipment: The physician’s office or laboratory center prepares a space that is suitable for installation of equipment and workflow.
  • Obtaining Licenses & Personnel: Best Diagnostics provides assistance with obtaining the right licenses for the diagnostic procedures and well as finding trained personnel.
  • Test Validation: Following installation of diagnostic equipment, training of personnel and testing of equipment will be performed to ensure accurate results.
  • Insurance Billing: Following validation of the diagnostic procedures, the tests can be performed and submitted for billing.